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Tanks are among the vehicles present in Post Scriptum. They are the strongest drivable vehicle in Post Scriptum. Usually, they require a crew of 4 to operate, but in some cases only 3 seats are available. Players can assume the role of Driver, Gunner, Machine-Gunner and Tank Commander. There can be 2 armored squads per team if there are enough players. It is best that one squad crews the Light/Medium/Heavy tank, while the other crews the Armored vehicle and provides info and infantry support.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

There are multiple threats that tanks need to watch out for. The most common are Anti-tank weapons, Gammon Bombs and Hafthohlladung. These items are carried by infantry and can be used to disable or destroy a vehicle.

Anti-tank gun also pose a big threat to armored vehicles as their powerful and quick firing cannons can make short work of any armored vehicle.

Finally, mines are deadly to tanks, with one mine completely destroying the vehicle. Tank crews should keep their eyes open for mines usually on high traffic roads. The commander's position offers excellent visibility and it can be easier to spot mines due to the elevated line of sight.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Tanks are used to engage infantry and other armored vehicles. It is best to try and keep your tank alive, as it is a very valuable and powerful asset. A well trained and coordinated tank crew can wreck havoc on the enemy team. Make sure the person with the most experience acts as the commander and pay close attention to what he says. Microphones are very useful for tank crews as it makes it easier for everybody to work together.

Classes[edit | edit source]

List of Tanks[edit | edit source]