Sd. Kfz 234

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"Sd. Kfz 234/2"
Sdkfz234 Puma.jpg
Type Armored vehicle
Operator Germany
Ticket Cost Occupied ???
Ticket Cost Empty ???
Respawn Time ???
Top Speed 45Km/h
Main Gun 50 mm Cannon
Secondary Gun MG34
Crew 3
Positions Driver, Gunner and Commander
Number of Weak Spots 7
Weak Spots Driver, Gunner, Ammo (X3), Engine and Turret Ring
Console Name BP_Sdkfz_234_C

Background[edit | edit source]

German armoured wheeled vehicles were in development even before the outbreak of the Second World War. Battle experience in Poland showed potential and the idea of the armoured car was taken further. The earlier models were improved and upgraded, with one variant even designed for the hot climate in Africa. Nicknamed the "Puma", it saw action in the western theater, but was replaced by the more simple Sd.Kfz. 234/1 after mid 1944.

In-game Vehicle Stats[edit | edit source]

Vehicle Stats (Sd.Kfz 234)
Number of Weak Spots 7
Weak Spots Crew, (excluding commander for some reason), Ammo (x3), Engine & Turret Ring
Time to Enter Vehicle 3 Seconds
Time to Switch Spots 3 Seconds
Can Destroy Fobs Yes (HE)
Can Destroy Buildables Yes
Can Destroy Soft Skin Targets Yes
Can Destroy Light Armour Yes
Can Destroy Tanks Yes

Driver[edit | edit source]

Driving Stats (Sd.Kfz 234)
Top Speed 45Km/h
From 0km/h to Top Speed 17
Max Reverse Speed 27Km/h
From 0km/h to Max Reverse Speed 2 Seconds
Views Open Hatch.

Closed Hatch.

Zooms No


Gunner[edit | edit source]

Combat Stats (Sd.Kfz 234)
360 Rotation of the turret 18 Seconds
Main Gun 50 mm
Main Gun Rate of Fire 11 rpm
Main Gun Ammo Count 38 APC

7 APCR 45 HE

Main Gun Reload 7 Seconds
Secondary Gun MG34
Secondary Gun Ammo Count 13 Belts of 250 Rounds
Secondary Gun Reload 10 Seconds
Gun Elevations Unknown. different from IRL
Views Gun.


Zooms Yes. Both views

Commander[edit | edit source]

Vision Stats (Sd.Kfz 234)
Views Periscope. x2

Open Hatch.

Zooms Yes. All views.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Sd.Kfz 234/2 also know as the "Puma" broadly resembles the appearance of Sd.Kfz. 232. It replaces the 2 cm autocannon with a 5 cm main gun.

Being fast, nimble, and cable of holding its own in combat, the Puma is best used as an ambush vehicle. It can hit the enemy and move quickly to another position.

The Puma also works well against enemy tanks if their crew is distracted. Always go for the rear, hitting and taking out their engine. The fast car works wonders in flanking positions.

The armor is light but can take several shots from the front, save hits from heavily armed tanks like the Firefly. Always remember to use the speed of the vehicle to your advantage. But take cover when needed.

See also[edit | edit source]

The Sd. Kfz 234 is an armored vehicle featured in Post Scriptum. It was added to the live build on the February 4th, 2019.[1]

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