Sd. Kfz 222

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"Sd.Kfz 222"
Sdkfz 222.jpg
Type Armored vehicle
Operator Germany
Ticket Cost Occupied 3 + # of Crew
Ticket Cost Empty 2
Respawn Time 3:20
Top Speed 60Km/h
Main Gun 20mm Autocannon
Secondary Gun MG34
Crew 3
Positions Driver, Gunner and Commander
Number of Weak Spots 13
Weak Spots Driver, Gunner, Commander, Ammo (X8), Engine and Turret Ring
Console Name BP_Sdkfz_222_C

Background[edit | edit source]

The Leichter Panzerspähwagen (Roughly 'Light armored recon car/vehicle') or as it is known by its designation 'Sd.Kfz 222' or 'Sonderkraftfahrzeug 222' is a German Armored vehicle in Post Scriptum. It comes equipped with a 2 cm KwK 30 L/55 autocannon and an MG 34 mounted coaxially to it. It is operated by a crew of 3; One driver, one gunner and one commander.

In Game Vehicle Stats[edit | edit source]

Vehicle Stats (Sd.Kfz 222)
Number of Weak Spots 13
Weak Spots Ammo (X8), Engine & Turret Ring
Time to Enter Vehicle 3 Seconds
Time to Switch Spots 3 Seconds
Can Destroy Fobs no
Can Destroy Buildables yes
Can Destroy Soft Skin Targets yes
Can Destroy Light Armour yes
Can Destroy Tanks no
Armour Front ???
Armour Side ???
Armour Back ???
Armour Top ???
Armour Turret ???
Armour Turret Mantle ???

Position Stats[edit | edit source]

Driver[edit | edit source]

Driving Stats (Sd.Kfz 222)
Top Speed 60Km/h
From 0km/h to Top Speed 20 seconds
Max Reverse Speed 15Km/h
From 0km/h to Max Reverse Speed 2 seconds
Views Open Hatch. (exposed)

Closed Hatch. (not exposed)

Zooms No

Gunner[edit | edit source]

Driving Stats (Sd.Kfz 222)
360 Rotation of the turret 19 Seconds
Main Gun 20mm Autocannon
Main Gun Rate of Fire 480 rpm
Main Gun Ammo Count 250 AP

250 HE

Main Gun Reload 5 Seconds
Secondary Gun MG34
Secondary Gun Ammo Count 13 Belts of 250 Rounds
Secondary Gun Reload 10 Seconds
Gun Elevations Unknown. different from IRL
Views Open Hatch. (exposed)

Closed Hatch. (exposed)

Zooms Yes. Both Views

Commander[edit | edit source]

Driving Stats (Sd.Kfz 222)
Views Open Hatch. (exposed)

Closed Hatch. (exposed)

Zooms Yes. Both Views

Vehicle Weak Spots[edit | edit source]

  • Blue = Crew
  • Pink = Engine
  • Yellow = Turret Ring
  • Orange = Ammo

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The best thing for vehicles with a 20mm autocannon is to always be moving or not staying in one position too long. When engaging enemies it's best to shoot for 5-10 seconds and relocate.

222 VS infantry[edit | edit source]

This Vehicle excels in engaging infantry as its 20mm autocannon will quickly murder anything in your path. The best way to play with the autocannon is to either stay far back from the point providing cover for advancing infantry. While it is encouraged to engage from distances for the most part moving quickly through enemy positions is usually fine. This is because infantry doesn't usually have time to reload AT by the time you're gone.

222 VS Soft Targets and AT Guns[edit | edit source]

When coming up against vehicles like trucks or cars the best thing to do is load HE. This will completely destroy a vehicle in seconds. Although rare to come up against an AT gun, the best way to take out an AT gun is with AP. About 14 shots will usually destroy a gun.

222 VS Allied Scout Cars[edit | edit source]

The 222 will always have an advantage against any allied Scout Car. For the most part you can usually obliterate an enemy scout car before he even thinks about the poor life decision he's made to engage you. Usually, by the time the allied scout car has reloaded a second shot, he'll be mega dead. The Daimler AC doesn't stand a chance if it gets ambushed. The T-17 Staghound can withstand 20 mm fire on its bottom sloped frontal armor. Aim for its flat armor-plating to penetrate.

222 VS Tanks[edit | edit source]

Run away. A 222 is heavily outgunned by any tank, except for the light M5 Stuart which can be taken out with 20 mm fire to the sides and rear. While it is possible to knock out enemies inside a tank, usually not worth the fight. It is not advised to engage.

You as infantry VS 222[edit | edit source]

The best Way to take one out is to engage the gunner. If equipped with an automatic weapon always aim for the open top of the turret or the Left side of the gun. If you are Anti Tank the best thing to do is aim for the engine. Usually you will not have time to reload by the time it's gone so its best to cripple the vehicle.

You as armour VS 222[edit | edit source]

If you are in an allied scout car and you've made the mistake of existing anywhere near the 222, while in between shots of your main gun aim the coax MG at the gunner. This has saved me multiple times. Try not to Engage the 222 if you do not have the drop on him. Lastly, if you're in a tank and come across a 222 don't sweat it. Just aim for the engine or the sides of the hull.