Sd. Kfz 222

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"Sd.Kfz 222"
Sdkfz 222.jpg
Type Armored vehicle
Operator Germany
Ticket Cost Occupied 3 + # of Crew
Ticket Cost Empty 2
Respawn Time 3:20
Top Speed 60 Km/h
Main Gun 20mm Autocannon
Secondary Gun MG34
Crew 3
Positions Driver, Gunner and Commander
Number of Weak Spots 13
Weak Spots Driver, Gunner, Commander, Ammo (X8), Engine and Turret Ring
Console Name BP_Sdkfz_222_C

Background[edit | edit source]

The Leichter Panzerspähwagen (Roughly 'Light armored recon car/vehicle') or as it is known by its designation 'Sd.Kfz 222' is a German Armored vehicle in Post Scriptum. It comes equipped with a 2 cm KwK 30 L/55 autocannon and an MG 34 mounted coaxially to it. It is operated by a crew of 3; One driver, one gunner and one commander. The 222 is just of many vehicles produced by Germany for the role of recon. Often paired with Panzer divisions, the quick car could scout ahead of the tanks and infantry. It had some short-comings however, and would especially on the Eastern front be replaced by half-tracks because of the muddy terrain. A total number of 2,394 were produced. The wired mesh on top of the turret served to protect the crew against grenades. In-game, the German scout car comes equipped with 250 I-AP and 250 HE rounds. The 20mm cannon gives it a firerate of 480 RPM, with a 5 second reload. It takes roughly 21 seconds to turn the turret 360 degrees.

Vehicle Weak Spots[edit | edit source]

  • Blue = Crew
  • Pink = Engine
  • Yellow = Turret Ring
  • Orange = Ammo

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Sd.Kfz 22 should always be on the move and avoid staying in one position for too long. When engaging enemies it's best to shoot for 5-10 seconds and relocate. Avoid taking the 222 into cities or even directly on objectives as it is very thinly armored and P.I.A.Ts will easily take it out in 1 or 2 hits. Combined with the fact that the mesh on the turret roof doesn't protect you from small arms fire, urban fights are not the 222's strong suit. The 222 against infantry is very capable when it comes to dealing with infantry in most cases. The high fire rate of the 20mm, combined with the HE shells it comes equipped make it a nightmare for any infantry, both in the open and inside buildings. Be careful that the HE rounds doesn't land too close to the vehicle itself though, because it risk damaging crew inside. The 222 against soft targets is more than enough to deal with any trucks or jeeps. The HE combined with the coaxial 7.92mm MG34 give it the ability to do short work of the exposed crew of AT guns as well. The best tactic is to spray the AT gun with HE and coax to take out the crew, and then destroy the weapon itself. The use of AP rounds is advised for maximum damage.

The 222 against allied scout cars are very thinly armored and the 20mm can take one down quite easily if you get the jump on it. When it comes to tanks against the 222, Medium and Heavy Tanks are best avoided. The AP rounds on the 20mm are ineffective when engaging them head on. Medium tanks cannot be disabled or destroyed from the rear and sides, because the 20mm cannon is simply too weak to inflect any kind of meaningful damage.