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"Renault B1 bis"
Renault B1.jpg
Type Heavy Tank
Operator France
Ticket Cost Occupied 10
Ticket Cost Empty 10
Respawn Time ???
Top Speed 25Km/h
Main Gun Canon SA35 de 47 mm modèle 1935
Secondary Gun Mitailleuse Reibel MAC 31 coax / Canon ABS 1929 de 75mm secondary cannon
Crew 3
Positions Driver, Gunner/Commander, Hull Gunner
Number of Weak Spots 2
Weak Spots Radiator on the left side (15mm armor), Rear body (50mm armor)
Console Name BP_Renault_B1_C

Background[edit | edit source]

The Renault Char de bataille B1 bis (Battle tank B1 [suffix] bis) is a French Heavy Tank in Post Scriptum. It was manufactured by the French company Renault for the French Army. Its armament consists of one 47 mm SA35 L/32 cannon and one 7,5 mm MAC 31 machine gun mounted coaxially to the cannon. It is operated by a crew of 3; One driver, one gunner/commander and one hullgunner.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The B1 is relatively slow, even for a Heavy Tank. However, that is offset by the fact that it is very well armored all around and it greatly benefits from angling. It is best used as an infantry support vehicle due to the underpowered cannon when it comes to tank vs tank combat. Trucks, Jeep Willys and other lightly armored vehicles should be prime targets for the B1. A B1 supported by infantry, in a favorable position is a very hard threat to deal with and can be a nuisance when it's defending a point. After the release of Chapter II, the tank perforce in 1940 maps is increased thanks to the lack of any powerful antitank weaponry in the infantry, you are basicly inmune from anti-tank rifles. Tanks will always struggle to penetrate you, giving you a huge advantage in combat, however, your wrost enemy will be the Stug III, his frontal armor will bounce your AP rounds no matter what, and his cannon will not only penetrate you, but destroy you in one shot. The only way to neutralize the Stug III it is inmovilize it, first, you must take cover, wait until the tank destroyer is distracted, move to the sides and shoot at the engine in the tracks, the upper armor is sloped and will likely bounce, it will take one or two well placed shots to destroy it

In-game Vehicle Stats[edit | edit source]

Vehicle Stats (Renault B1 bis)
Number of Weak Spots 2
Weak Spots Radiator on the left side (15mm armor), Rear body (50mm armor)
Time to Enter Vehicle 2 Seconds
Time to Switch Spots 2 Seconds
Can Destroy Fobs Yes (HE)
Can Destroy Buildables Yes
Can Destroy Soft Skin Targets Yes
Can Destroy Light Armour Yes
Can Destroy Tanks Yes

Driver[edit | edit source]

Driving Stats (Renault B1 bis)
Top Speed 25Km/h
From 0km/h to Top Speed 11s
Max Reverse Speed 15Km/h
From 0km/h to Max Reverse Speed 3 Seconds

Periscope, no open hatch.

Zooms No


Gunner/Commander[edit | edit source]

Combat Stats (Renault B1 bis)
360 Rotation of the turret 36 Seconds
Main Gun 47 mm
Main Gun Rate of Fire 10 rpm
Main Gun Ammo Count

20 APC 30 HE

Main Gun Reload 7 Seconds
Secondary Gun MAC 31
Secondary Gun Ammo Count 6 magazines of 250 Rounds
Secondary Gun Reload 10 Seconds
Gun Elevations Unknown. different from IRL
Views Gun.

Cupola Periscope. Open Hatch.

Zooms Yes. 2 views

HullGunner[edit | edit source]

Combat Stats (Renault B1 bis)
Main Gun 75 mm
Main Gun Rate of Fire 10 rpm
Main Gun Ammo Count

74 HE

Main Gun Reload 7 Seconds
Gun aim Can aim 11:90-12:10
Views Gun.
Zooms Yes. 1 views

See also[edit | edit source]

The Renault B1 bis is an Heavy Tank featured in Post Scriptum. It was added to the live build on the January 9th, 2020.[1]

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