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"Panzer IV G"
Panzer IV G.jpg
Type Medium Tank
Operator Germany

Background[edit | edit source]

The Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. G (Panzer IV Ausf. G) is a German Medium Tank in Post Scriptum. It is armed with one 7.5 cm KwK 40 L/43 or L/48 main gun and two 7.92mm MG 34s, one mounted coaxially to the main gun and the other mounted in the hull. It is operated by a crew of 4; driver, gunner, hull machine-gunner and a commander.

It's armed with 30 APCBC shells, 15 APCR shells and 42 High Explosive shells. Plus 13 boxes of 250 rounds per MG 34.

The Panzer IV was the backbone of the German Tank corps throughout the entire conflict for Germany, it was the most produced model of tank with over 8,500 produced across several different ausf. (marks).

This mark the Ausf. G was produced from May of 1942 to June of 1943 with almost 1,700 total tanks of the Mark G being produced. Specifics to this ausf. were the removal of the vision ports from the sides of the turrets, an updated muzzle brake, a system that allowed the transfer of coolant from one tank to another to assist in cold weather starting and smoke dischargers mounted on the turret sides instead of the hull rear. In January of 1943 the drivers episcope was eliminated. Schurzen which were thin plates of steel attached to the outside of the hull and the sides and rear of the turret, were introduced in 1943. The very late models of the Ausf. G received a new type drive sprocket, and the radio antenna was moved to the left hull rear which made it almost impossible to distinguish a late Ausf. G from and early Ausf. H.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Panzer IV looks fairly identical to its little brother, the Panzer III, but packs a heftier punch in both armor and firepower. It's also slightly bigger. Its speed isn't much to brag about maxing out at around 40 km/h. It's not the most agile tank, but it gets the job done. The grey paint job blends it in well in city areas. The Panzer IV comes in two versions, with and without armored "schürzen" side skirts. The skirts do a good job protecting the tank's ammo-racks.

The Panzer IV is armed with the potent 75 mm KwK 40 main gun, which does a good job against most allied tanks. It does struggle against the heavily armored Churchill tank's hull, especially when it is angled. It's also outperformed by the Panther's longer 75 and the Tiger's 88mm gun by quite a margin. The main gun has a quick reload and the turret rotates fast.

Its armor is okay. It fights off 37/40 mm tank rounds to the front. The armored side skirts does a good job protecting the ammo-racks on both sides of the hull as mentioned earlier. However, the Sherman Firefly's 17 Pounder slices through its armor with ease at any range.