Pak 38

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"PaK 38"
Type Anti-tank gun
Used by Germany

Background[edit | edit source]

The PaK 38 is a German anti-tank gun in Post Scriptum. It's a 50 mm calibre cannon developed before the outbreak of World War 2, in 1938. It was a successor to the Pak 36, with development later leading to the Pak 40. It first saw use doing Operation Barbarossa where it was one of few weapons capable of reliably penetrating the sloped Soviet armor of the T-34 hull at close ranges. It was equipped with Panzergranate 40 APCR shots with a hard tungsten core, in an attempt to penetrate the armor of the heavier KV-1 tank. It saw continuous service throughout the reminder of the war.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Just like the other anti-tank guns, it offers 2 crew positions; one driver and one gunner. Unlike the QF 6-pounder the PaK 38 is relatively underpowered and has a hard time dealing with Heavy Tanks. What it lacks in firepower, it makes up for in a very quick reload speed of 5 seconds. It has a lower profile than the QF 6-pounder which helps conceal it inside bushes and hedges. The Pak 38 best serve in two scenarios. Ambush or defense, ideally with some friendly forces nearby as the crew is exposed to infantry fire. For ambush position, find a spot that provides lot of range. The further out the target is, the easier it will be dealt with. Parked by roads used by the enemy will allow you to deal with trucks, MSP, tanks and other vehicles.