Opel Blitz

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"Opel Blitz"
Opel Blitz.jpg
Type Truck
Operator Germany
Console Name BP_Opel_Blitz_Transport_C or BP_Opel_Blitz_Logi_C or BP_Opel_Blitz_MobilSpawn_C

Opel Blitz is a truck featured in Post Scriptum. Opel had four operational variants by 1934 (1 tonne basic model.) In 1944 more than 130,000 Blitz trucks and chassis had been produced.

In-game the Opel Blitz is easily regonized by its high profile, paint scheme and back cover. It is very hard to hide the German MSP, but places such as behind buildings, thick forest or inside buildings provide some cover.

It carries 10 people including the driver. Three in the front and the rest in the back. With no protection the truck can be taken out or its engine destroyed by direct machine gun fire.

The Opel Blitz is also used by the logistics section and as a general transport vehicle.

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