Morris C8

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"Morris C8"
Morris C8.jpg
Type Car
Origin United Kingdom
Operator United States & United Kingdom
Console Name BP_Morris_C8_C

The Morris C8 is a American and British car in Post Scriptum.

According to rumors, this vehicle has been added along with several other items with the 1.0 update.

Currently it is possible to spawn this vehicle via the Admin Console with the "Vehicle Spawn Command" and to drive on every map layer.

The functions and specifications of this vehicle have not been further researched as of March 2019. Currently, we are still researching to get to know this mysterious vehicle.

In Reality[edit | edit source]

The Morris Commercial C8 FAT (Field Artillery Tractor), commonly known as a Quad, is an artillery tractor used by the British and Commonwealth (including Canadian Army) forces during the Second World War. It was used to tow field artillery pieces, such as the 25-pounder gun-howitzer, and anti-tank guns, such as the 17-pounder.

Although its sloped sides suggest otherwise, the Quad was not armoured.