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Type Heavy Tank
Origin Great Britain
Operator Great Britain
Console Name BP_Matilda_MK_II_3D_C

Background[edit | edit source]

The A12 Mk.II Matilda II is a British Heavy Tank in Post Scriptum. It is armed with a 40 mm QF 2-pounder cannon and one 7.92 mm BESA machine gun mounted coaxially to the cannon, and operated by a crew of 3; One driver, one gunner and one commander.

The Matilda is the only tank that DOES NOT get HE shells. Instead it comes with 60 rounds of AP and 13 boxes of 250 rounds for the BESA MG.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Just like the Churchill Mk IV, the Matilda is an extremely slow tank, best used for infantry support due to its slow speed, thick armor, and inadequate cannon when facing anything other than lightly armored vehicles and Medium Tanks. The quick reload makes it very good at clearing buildings and providing fire support for friendly infantry, although it lacks High Explosive shells. Be advised however, the Matilda performs poorly in urban environments as its mobility makes it unable to get out of danger if it ends up under fire or flanked. It is best used in open fields and outskirts of towns.