M5 Stuart

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"M5 Stuart"
M5 Stuart.jpg
Type Light Tank
Origin United States
Operator United States & Great Britain

Background[edit | edit source]

The M5 Stuart is an American and British Light Tank in Post Scriptum. It's armed with a 37 mm M6 main gun, .30 cal coaxial machine-gun and a .30 cal hull MG. It is a light tank best used in the reconnaissance role. It's operated with a crew of four: driver, gunner, hull machinegunner and commander.

The Stuart is armed with 93 AP shells, 30 APC shells and 123 High Explosive shells. Plus 13 boxes of 250 rounds each for both 30. cal machine-guns.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The M5 Stuart is an excellent tank for scouting behind enemy lines and infantry support due to its quick main gun reload speed and maneuverability. It's the fastest tracked tank in the game alongside the Cromwell maxing out at 65 km/h on flat roads. It also has superb handling and turns on a dime. Its profile is also fairly small which can make it hard to spot.

Its 37 mm main gun is underwhelming against tanks in front-to-front combat, but it can do the job if the enemy tank exposes its sides or rear. Enganging the Tiger Tank is not advised since you have to score a lucky hit between the tracks and main hull to penetrate, so it's advised to stay away from it and call in the bigger tank to do that job. The main gun has a quick reload and the turret rotation is fast which makes it good tank to fire on the move with, if the terrain is nice and flat.

The Stuart's armor protection is fairly bad since it is a lightly armored tank. It can withstand 20 mm and 50 mm rounds to the sloped front, but nothing more than that.

Handheld Panzerfaust 60s and Panzerschreks can take it out with one direct hit. So going straight into cities and villages is not advised without infantry covering your flanks.