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"Jagdpanzer IV/L48"
Type Tank Destroyer
Operator Germany

Background[edit | edit source]

The Jagdpanzer IV is a German tank destroyer in Post Scriptum. It is armed with the 7.5 cm KwK 40 (L/48) cannon, the same gun used in the Panzer IV G, and an MG-34 mounted coaxially to the cannon. It uses the Panzer IV chassis and does not have a turret, but a fixed main gun with limited traverse. The Jagdpanzer comes in two versions, with and without armored "schürzen" side skirts. The skirts do a good job protecting the tank's hull.

The Jagdpanzer is armed with 24 APCBC shells, 20 APCR shells and 40 High Explosive shells. Plus 13 boxes of 250 rounds for the MG 34.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Jagdpanzer IV is a low profiled tank destroyer "TD" which thrives as an ambush vehicle away from congested city areas. It maxes out at 38 km/h on flat roads. Its handling and turning is okay, but not as good as the StuG III. The driver has a limited view which makes it a challenge to drive and also spot targets. The gunner and commander has to relay targets to the driver, which basically has to aim the main gun for the gunner. Communication is the key to use this turret-less tank.

Its main gun, the 75 mm KwK 40, does a good job, but it's not as effective as the Panther's long 75, Tiger's 88 mm and the Firefly's 17 Pounder. Its main gun reload is the fastest of all the tanks in-game which can bail you out in engagements. The traverse is only about 10 degrees to each side which makes it ideal to stay further away from enemy targets.

The Jagdpanzer has thick sloped frontal armor which does a good job deflecting incoming tank rounds. Its sides are weaker and also houses ammo-racks on each side of the upper casemate. A hit to the engine can also be lethal considering that the tank does not have a 360 degree turret.

It's advised to stay away from cities and villages, unless you have infantry covering your flanks.

See also[edit | edit source]

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