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Type Grenade
Used by W Cap German censored.png Germany

The Hafthohlladung is an anti-tank grenade in Post Scriptum.

It is a handheld magnetic anti-tank shaped charge grenade. The user would have to run up to a vehicle or surface, stick the grenade to it and then press the yellow trigger at the top of the carry handle. Once the trigger was pressed, the mine was armed and the user had between 4.5 - 7.5 seconds to clear the area, depending on which production model was used.

The grenade was a shaped charge weapon, similar to the likes of the Panzerfaust 60 and the Raketenpanzerbüchse 54. A shaped charge weapon uses explosives to plasticize a copper cone, turning it into a molten copper jet and pushing it to tremendous speeds. The copper jet can reach speeds of up to 14 kilometers per second (~31,315 Mp/h or 50,400 Km/h), pushing past Mach 42. Unlike popular belief, the jet does not melt the armor, instead, due to its very high speed, it literally pushes the armor apart.