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Type Medium Tank
Origin Great Britain
Operator Great Britain

Background[edit | edit source]

The Mark VIII A27M Cromwell V (or just Cromwell V) introduced in 1944, is a British cruiser tank in Post Scriptum. It is a medium tank armed with a 75 mm QF Mk.V cannon and two BESA 7.92 mm machine guns, one mounted coaxially to the cannon and one in the hull of the vehicle. It is operated by a crew of 4; driver, gunner, hull machine gunner, commander.

The Cromwell comes with 45 rounds of Armor Piercing rounds, 42 of High Explosive and 26 boxes of 250 rounds for the 2 Besa MGs.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Cromwell is the fastest tracked tank in Post Scriptum reaching up to 65 km/h on flat roads. It's not as agile due to its narrow tracks so it doesn't turn as sharply as other tanks. It has a low profile which makes it harder to spot and to hit at distance as well. It can also be used in the scout car role as an observer and to hunt MSPs and FOBs because of its amazing mobility.

Its main gun can engage any German tank, even though it can struggle to penetrate the Tiger Tank frontally, especially if it's angled.

The main gun has a quick reload and the turret rotation is fast. A good strategy against the Tiger is to charge it head on and get in behind it. A bad German crew will turn the slow turret and not the tank itself which allows you to get in clean shots at the side or rear without taking too many rounds yourself.

The Cromwell offers okay armor protection. It cannot be destroyed by 20 mm fire and fights off 50 mm tank rounds to the front. 75 and 88 mm tank rounds will slice through the Cromwell at ease as will rockets from handheld AT launchers. Its ammo-rack is placed low in the hull however, which makes it harder to score a direct one hit kill compared to most other allied tanks.