Churchill Mk IV

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"Churchill Mk IV"
Churchilll MkIV.jpg
Type Heavy Tank
Origin Great Britain
Operator Great Britain

Background[edit | edit source]

The A22 Churchill Mk.IV is a British Heavy Tank in Post Scriptum. The vehicle is operated by a crew of 4; One driver and machine-gunner, which are located in the hull, and one gunner and tank commander which are located in the turret. It is armed with one 75 mm QF Mk.V cannon and two 7.92 mm BESA machine gun, one mounted coaxially to the cannon and one in the hull.

The Churchill comes with 45 rounds of Armor Piercing rounds, 42 High Explosive, and 26 boxes of 250 rounds for the BESA MGs. 13 are for the coax and 13 for the hull MG.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Churchill is a slow heavy tank best used alongside infantry. It only reaches around 25 km/h on flat roads. This tank is not a good fit for an inpatient tank crew.

Its main gun can take on any german tank, but like the Cromwell, it can struggle against the Tiger Tank. Its slow turret rotation can be a hassle. The turret also builds up momentum which causes it to "over steer" which makes the gunner having to adjust back. Like the Tiger, try to avoid rotating the turret and turn the entire tank against the target instead.

The Churchill's biggest upside is its superior armor protection. It can withstand any 20mm fire. 50mm tank rounds from the Panzer III can only penetrate the rear hull. If angled correctly it can fight off 75 and 88 mm tank rounds aimed at the hull with ease. This beast can take a severe beating when not hit in critical places. Its ammo-rack is also hard to hit.