Bren Carrier

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"Bren Gun Carrier"
Type Armored vehicle
Origin Great Britain
Operator Great Britain
Console Name BP_Bren_Carrier_C

Background[edit | edit source]

The Bren Gun Carrier is a British Armored vehicle in Post Scriptum. It is a relatively fast armored personnel carrier that comes equipped with a Bren .303 machine gun. It will protect you from small arms fire but it will not survive Panzerfausts or Panzerschreks. It has room for 6 passengers including one driver and one machine-gunner.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Just like its German counterpart the "Halftrack" (Sd Kfs 251) it is an excellent personnel carrier that can be used to quickly move troops from point A to point B and provide covering fire. It is shorter in profile than the halftrack but that comes at a cost of having only 6 seats, meaning it cannot move a full squad. The lower profile also means it's easier to shoot at the passengers that are occupying the vehicle from a higher elevation, and for that reason it is extremely dangerous to bring it inside urban areas and leave it stationary.