4 inch mortar

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"4.2 inch mortar"
4 Inch Mortar.jpg
Type Mortar
Origin United Kingdom
Used by United Kingdom

Background[edit | edit source]

The 4.2 inch mortar is a British heavy smoothbore mortar in Post Scriptum. The "Ordnance ML 4.2 inch mortar" was produced by the Royal Ordnance Factories for the Royal Engineers. It is the largest caliber mortar in the game, with an impressive range of 2600 meters in radius. It is thus able to cover almost all of Driel if put in the middle of the map. Like the other mortars in the game, it comes with 45 High Explosive and 45 Smoke shells. It has a 3 second reload just like the other mortars in the game despite the higher caliber.